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Lord Thankyou that you are ultimately in control.. You are the most high. Fear he is a Liar! Let me rest in the promises of you and don't be afraid of what is going on around me. Lord I pray for Naomi you know Lord I pray everyday she would know you as her lord and saviour. Lord she does ask questions sometimes. I pray you give me the right words to respond. Thankyou Jesus. Amen

Shinese Dempsey

Lord, I'm wide awake and don’t know all the reasons why.... Except that maybe I need to pray. I feel a heavy burden deep inside and don’t have all the words, but you know my heart and I ask again to show me how to pray. I pray that you would continue to draw me close to you, Lord open the eyes of my heart. I pray that you would help and heal me physically, I pray these upcoming tests are the last. I trust in YOU and YOU alone. Hear me Jesus, Help me to run to you and not the opposite direction. Help me with communication when asking for help from others and accepting help. Help me understand more. And thank you that you are at work, and answering even now as I'm about to close my eyes and sleep in your peace. In Jesus Name, Amen. Thankyou Jesus for loving and choosing me. Maybe pain in the night but joy comes in the morning X

Shinese Dempsey

Lord I don't always have words but please listen through my heart. Thankyou for the promises Thankyou for Alicia-Elizabeth.And Thankyou that you won't give up on me. AMEN

Shinese Dempsey

Thank You Lord that You never tire of our prayers, in fact you love us to sit with You whatever time of day. We have such long prayer lists that after a while people disappear off the end - because of all the new names added each day. But one thing we can be confident in Father is that Your memory is a great deal longer than ours. ????????"Please Lord remember those who have inadvertently gone from my memory, those whom you can see wherever in the world they are; please Bless them in their need and touch them now." Amen.

Liz Entwistle

Dear God I ask that we will use this space to place our thoughts our pain our thanks and praise to you The questions why our heart felt cries All we can do is bring it all to you Cause you listen and you know our every thought. You know when things aren't as they ought to be You see You see because you are almighty God You are love and you care and long to listen to our every prayer You are there for us you are the source the most powerful force of the universe And you can touch the tender places of our fragile hearts So let's start to talk to you To place our burdens and our cares our fears our tears right here because you are near and you hear So thank you for this space this place to express to confess to talk about the mess To seek your face to receive your grace your forgiveness your love your gifts from above This space this place is good Amen


Covid sucks God! Please help me feel better


Dear Lord I ask that you would be with my daughter on Monday. And that you would guide the doctors and give them wisdom. Amen

Emma Wareing

Father God, thank you that we have your promise to always be with us. That no matter how messy our life gets, no matter how worried we can be, or how overwhelmed, we can know that you are with us. Thank you that we don’t need to beg and plead for your presence, we don’t need to be special, or to feel a certain way, but that you are right next to us wherever we are. Amen


Dear Lord I ask that you would be with Guy and his family at this time Lord. Sustain them and give them strength Lord in the hard times. I pray you give them the gift of time. AMEN